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Congratulations to the Elect & Candidates!

On the Easter Vigil, Saturday, April 4, at 8:30 pm the following seven persons were fully initiated into the Roman Catholic Church. They are the elect, Patcharin Bosken and Arthur Lautman, both of whom were baptized, confirmed and received their first Holy Communion. In addition, the candidates were previously baptized Christians who were fully received into the Roman Catholic Church with a profession of faith, confirmation and Holy Communion. They are: Leland Brown, Ron Harshman, Dale Johnson, Joy Mangene and Debra Patterson.

Thanks also to our RCIA team who assisted me in the Rites and the Wednesday evening classes, Elizabeth Trexler and John Kearns with Bruce Norman as an alternate. The Elect and Candidates are now called neophytes and will continue with their Wednesday evening classes as part of the mystagogy phase, in which they learn more about the signs and symbols of the richness of our Roman Catholic tradition. Four classes remain including: Community of Believers/Stewardship, Theology of the Laity, The Charismatic Renewal & Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Eastern Rites of the Church. Their last class will be on April 29. Please congratulate them with me and welcome our neophytes to the Roman Catholic Church.


Apologetics Seminar

Check out the flyer in today’s bulletin for an outstanding series of Apologetics (Defending the Faith) that is open to everyone and will be on three consecutive days on Easter Monday through Easter Wednesday, April 6-8, at North American Martyrs Church beginning at 7:00 pm. This is sponsored by the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America. Special thanks to our Adult Faith Formation Chairperson, Vanda Raszewski, for arranging this seminar to be at our parish. The titles of each of the talks and descriptions follow. Come and join us for one or more of these seminars!


Monday’s topic: Is Jesus Truly the Son of God?

A central belief of Christianity is that Jesus is not only fully human, but also the fully divine Son of God. But, how do we know Jesus

himself made that claim and how can we know if it’s true? This session explores important evidence in support of the divinity of Jesus, especially the Resurrection. Several video clips enhance the presentation of rational reasons to believe in the divinity and Resurrection of Jesus. Attendees are introduced to alternative theories proposed over the years to “explain away” the Resurrection, as well as the fallacies of each theory. The session concludes by examining positive evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection, including numerous eyewitness accounts of the Risen Lord and the transformed lives of Jesus’ followers.


Tuesday’s topic: How are We Saved?

This session presents what the Catholic Church teaches about how we can attain eternal salvation to heaven, and will help Catholics

respond when asked, “Have you been saved?” We also explore why the passion and death of Jesus Christ was necessary for our salvation. In short, Christ paid the highest price possible to give us the greatest gift possible, namely access to eternal life in heaven.

God now offers that payment to us as a pure gift—one that we are free to accept or reject. Many New Testament passages are used to

help attendees realize we are called to a three-fold response to accept God’s gracious gift of salvation: faith, charitable good works, and partaking of the graces offered by the sacraments of the Church—especially Baptism and Eucharist.


Wednesday’s topic: Why Go to Church?

In today’s culture it is increasingly common for people to consider themselves “spiritual” but not “religious.” That is, they may believe in God and Jesus, but they do not see a need to go to Church. In fact, some say they love Jesus, but hate religion. In other words, is it possible to follow Jesus and forget the Church? This session helps us know how to respond to this contemporary situation, first by reviewing how we need a supportive Christian community if our faith is to grow and be manifest in our lives. Using scripture, we also examine how Jesus intentionally established His Church and the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, so He could continue to be present with us for all times. We look at how the Mass enables us to meet Christ within His community and to find nourishment and strength for a life that is often counter-cultural. By being filled with the very power and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, we deepen our relationship with Christ and become more like Him.


Youth Group Fellowship Gatherings

All are welcome to our Youth Group fellowship gatherings each Thursday night in DeLuca Hall from 7:00-9:00 PM!



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